Zwift Compatible Online Training Plans

We all have busy lives, but always try our best to fit in what we love to do during the day. Some of us have a little more time to spare than others

and can dedicate more time to training. Some of us don't have much time at all and try our best to fit in what we can. When you simply don't have enough time, or when your schedule

is constantly changing,consider trying our pre-designed training plans. Ranging from beginner level to advanced, each 12 week plan has been carefully structured

to give you the best possible workouts and help you achieve your short-term goals.


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When you shop our training plans below, make sure to sign-up for a Training Peaks account. 

Not only do you need a Training Peaks account to view your workouts, but if you're a Zwift user, you'll be able to download your workouts to Zwift.

Check out the following Zwift Community News post for instructions on how to download your workouts:


Signing-up for a Training Peaks account is easy to do, it's free and it takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

Once you have your account, you will be able to purchase the plan

and enjoy 12 weeks of achieving your goals!


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Easy Climbing for Beginners




Climbing for Experienced Riders 35+




Climbing for Experienced Riders 50+ 



Power Based Training for Intermediate Riders 



Threshold Heart Rate Based Training for Intermediate Riders





Power Based Training for Advanced Riders










Threshold Heart Rate Based Training for Advanced Riders








Last summer an accident forced me off of my bike for three months.
Roger got me back into shape fast. In less that six months, I was faster and stronger
than before I crashed. Plus, I’ve met some amazing people through Stoller.
Friends both on and off the bike.
— Jen K., Los Angeles, CA