The Twisted Six #6

The Gift: Albertine Padded Windproof Jacket with Primaloft Active Insulation for Men

Cafe du Cycliste’s winter jacket is one heck of a good looking jacket. In our opinion, it’s one of the better looking cycling jackets out there, and after two decades in the cycling world, we’ve seen a lot of jackets. But, you’re probably wondering, what about performance? Well, let’s get into that, shall we?…

Why We Like It: Great Design and Functionality

So, we’ve got that it looks great, but what makes this jacket special is that some innovative thought has been put into the construction and functionality. The front side of the jacket (the chest and front part of the arms) has been constructed with Primaloft Active insulation and the rear part of the jacket (the back and under parts of the arms) has been constructed with a technical merino polar fleece fabric. The Primaloft Active insulation works by trapping body heat into air pockets to keep you warm in cold weather. And although ‘padded’ and giving the impression of possibly  being too warm, the jacket can still be paired with breathable shells; it’s been designed this way so that excess moisture and heat escape during hard efforts. In the back, the technical merino wool fleece works diligently at wicking away sweat and is odor resistant, as well as thermoregulating. 


At first sight, the front pocket appears to be a styling accessory, but it’s not-it’s a functioning chest pocket. There are two oversized rear pockets too for all of your riding essentials. As well as having cool pockets, the jacket also has a reflective design on the bottom of the back pockets to keep you safe on those dark, winter rides.  

Who Should You Gift it to: A Stylish Cyclist/s Who Like to Stay Warm

This is the kind of winter jacket you buy once because it’ll last (if you take care of it, of course), and you should take care of it because it’s 228 GBP! An expensive jacket for sure, but one that’s worth the money, especially if cold weather doesn’t stop you from riding. So, would you buy this for yourself? We think probably yes. Would you get this for a friend or loved one? Hmm, maybe yes. Would you like to get it as a gift? Heck yes! So, being that you’ve been good, start asking Santa and the many other ‘Santas’ in your life (you know, as back up) for the Albertine. Check it out at 

The Gift: The Heidi Women’s Winter Jacket

Cafe du Cycliste hits another style home run with their women’s winter jacket. We love the clean, elegant lines of this women’s stylish jacket. We particularly love the ‘cumin’ color; there’s nothing like a nice golden yellow to brighten up a grey winter day.

Why We Like It: Great Design and again, Functionality

This jacket was developed with a high-performance, advanced Italian fabric, as well as a polypropylene layer. This polypropylene layer keeps you dry and a polyester micro fabric wicks away excess moisture. The front torso and sleeves, as well as the shoulders, are  constructed with quilted panels, which act as wind breakers for added warmth. Although the jacket is lightweight, by adding layers underneath, you basically turn this jacket into armour against cold weather. 

The jacket is a race cut, for less resistance, and it has two stylish and large cargo pockets in the back for a solid amount of storage space, while also adding reflective elements for safety. 


Who You Should Gift it to: The Lady Rider/s in Your Life Who Wants to Stay Warm and Look Great

A beautiful gift for the lady rider/s in your life. This is the kind of gift that will be much used and appreciated for a long time. You will certainly make your friend/family extremely happy with this gift. At 188 GBP it’s not the most affordable gift, but you will smile as you watch your loved one ride away with the Heidi on. Check it out at

Roger Rilling