The Twisted Six Gift #3

The Gift: Fully Customized English Cycle

We have personally been whispering this one into jolly old Saint Nick's ear for years now, without any luck come Christmas morning. We will say it loudly this time in hopes he finally puts down the milk and cookies and gets to bringing us our dream bike: ”Santa, we want a custom English Cycle under our tree this year! And yes, we have been good boys and girls!” Few gifts can top a custom bicycle, and when that custom bike comes from a craftsman like Rob English, you are guaranteed to make a substantial impact on the lucky recipient’s riding enjoyment for years to come.

Why We Like It: Customized Craftsmanship

Cycling is a sport filled with emotions, passion, and history. Sure, there might be some tantalisingly high-tech bikes in this world, but we challenge you to find one that comes close to connecting to a rider in the way that a custom steel bike does. Do not forget,  the steel used on modern bikes is immensely advanced and capable of making even the most loyal, carbon advocate shout out, " Steel is Real!”

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Although the properties of steel alone give us plenty of reasons to suggest most steel bikes, it’s the craftsmanship that wins us over every time. Not only is Rob English a master at building frames, he’s also addicted to stretching the possibilities of what "custom" means in the cycling industry. In a world filled with bikes produced on a production line, it is refreshing to see frames being built by people willing to push the boundaries of what is possible every time they embark on a new build. As huge fans of English Cycles, we have had the opportunity to create custom paint schemes for Rob's customers and have brought their custom dreams full circle.  Needless to say, even if we had never worked with English Cycles, a custom English would have still been on this list.

Who You Should Give It To: Anyone Who Has a Bit of Money to Spend

Gifting a custom bike is not the cheapest gift idea, but when you consider the impact such a gift can have on someone, it becomes a worthwhile expense. The lifespan of most handmade product s usually dramatically outlasts their mass-produced counterparts. We have custom bikes that we still ride today that are nearing the 20-year mark, (making us old) and making custom bikes a  gosh-darn bargain!

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Roger Rilling