The Twisted Six #4

The Gift: Velokicks

Have you always wanted cycling shoes that stand out from the crowd? Ask Santa for some Velokicks! 

Why We Like It: Creativity, Quality and Fun

Velokicks was created in 2015 to produce cycling shoes that looked different from traditional designs. Amazingly, they have achieved this via their exclusive two shoe models. First, there is their Season 1 shoe, which presents a unique pattern and combination of colors. Easily paired with either dark or shiny socks, these shoes will certainly receive more than one compliment. Check them out on their website yourself, at However, and what most catches our attention, are their Blanco kicks. These shoes are a blank canvas. Literally. They are white and ready for you to paint or draw on them. That is, you can fully customize the cycling shoes of your dreams. Get creative! You will have no more problems finding the perfect kicks to match the color of your bike or cycling kit. 


In addition, with Velokicks you won’t have to worry about performance because the company uses top end material for their shoes. Both Season 1 and Blanco are lightweight and have a carbon sole to ensure optimal power transfer. They also come in a shoe back to keep them protected when not in use, making sure they last longer! The Season 1 kicks are 207 euros and the Blanco kicks are 182 euros. 

Who You Should Gift it to: Stylish Cyclists

So, to summarize: Velokicks are the perfect present for those cyclists who want a personal touch to their look, without compromising performance. 

Roger Rilling