The Twisted Six #5

The Gift: UFO Drip Chain Coating

This next Twisted Six gift is an unusual one: it is a bike chain lubricant and it costs  70€. Let me explain! 

Why We Like It: It’s Different from What’s out There

The company CeramidSpeed has introduced into the market what they claim to be the world’s fastest chain coating. Named UFO Drip, it is the result of hours and hours of lab research to achieve the perfect combination of wax, oil and friction modifier. The result is a lubricant that is applied to the chain as a liquid, but which instantly dries and covers the chain, becoming a second skin. Technically, this allows UFO Drip to reduce friction before, during and after rides, and thereby improving power transfer and cycling efficiency. In addition, it also reduces drivetrain wear compared to other lube competitors, saving time and money in the long run. That is, UFO Drip is effective and practical!


Who You Should Gift it to: The Hard Riding Cyclist/s in Your Life

CeramicSpeed confidently say that UFO Drip is a ‘new category of product’ and we agree that the product is worth a try. Would you spend 70€ and buy it for yourself? Maybe yes, maybe no? Would you accept it as a gift? Definitely yes! So there you go, this may be the perfect present for cyclists this Christmas! Check it out at

Roger Rilling