The Twisted Six Gift #2

The Gift: Campagnolo The Big Corkscrew

An ode to incredible  fabrication, functionality and style is the Campagnolo The Big Corkscrew. As you probably guessed, Tullio Campagnolo, the creative genius behind one of the most beloved bicycle component brands, also designed this beautiful wine bottle opener. What you might not know is the reason behind his decision to invent such a beautiful, yet commonplace kitchen item. As the story goes, apparently while celebrating one of many victories, Mr. Campagnolo hurt his hand while trying to open a bottle. This set the gears in motion for the design of this incredible cork opener. 

Why We Like It: Craftsmanship, Design and Functionality

What makes this opener special is its self-centering bell, which places itself directly in the centre of the cork and whose levers then pull the cork out easily, without disturbing the bottle and the wine deposits. You also won’t find pieces of cork in your freshly opened bottle because The Big Corkscrew has been designed in a way that prevents it from screwing through the whole cork, so nothing breaks off and falls into your wine.

Manufactured in Vicenza,  by the same people who have made Campagnolo products for years, you can be sure that this bottle opener defines Campagnolo’s signature style and design. Another cool feature of this opener is that it comes in both a bronze and satin-finish. We, well…we’re partial to the bronze because it gives the opener that vintage look that we like so much. 

Who You Should Gift it to: Wine, Cycling, Campagnolo Aficionados

Now, for the price…. Well, as you can imagine, this beautifully hand-crafted piece of art is expensive, coming in at 171 euros. The price is high, but it’s well worth the money. We can bet that you will never have to buy another bottle opener ever again. We have gone through at least 10 wine bottle openers ourselves in the span of just a few years….We know what we’re putting on our wish list!

So, for the cycling fanatic in your life, or for the wine aficionado, or for both, we know this will make them very, very happy. Not only for the Holidays 2017, but for many, many years to come. 

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Roger Rilling