The Twisted 6

Stoller's Gift Giving Guide

The days of eggnog soaked Cheerios are upon us. As we start to think about our health and fitness goals for 2018 we are burdened by the urge to lighten the weight of our wallets, so we have crafted a nice little list of our favorite cycling products to give or get this holiday season. We have chosen a selection of 6 readily available items that we feel any cyclist would enjoy ranging in cost from low to silly expensive but all offering a little something extra. "Hey, is this one of those ranked lists?". No Sir! We would hate to add pressure to your holiday giving, so we have not ranked a single item on this list, however, if you are looking to impress you might want to give a little more than just the socks! Stay tuned as we sprinkle this list all over the holiday season.

The Gift: TIC (This-is-Cambridge) A bloc socks 13.95 GBP


How could we make a gift list without including some socks? These are far from the traditional athletic foot attire, these suckers have been engineered to keep you turning over the miles in comfort while looking sexy in the process.

Why we like it: Perfectly Unmatched

It does not take long to realize these socks have some color to them! But, the fun does not stop at a little saturation of bold color since these foot covers come in a creatively unmatched pair. TIC's choice to mismatch their socks might seem to some as a well-curated dryer mishap but is actually a brilliant choice by the brand, allowing for an added layer of creativity while blending in the sense of sock anarchy!

Who you should give it to: Anyone that sweats in tights

Sure, these colorful and unmatched socks might not be for everyone, but it is rude not to use a gift, right? We thought these might only appeal to the more extraverted riders, but the truth is even the most serious riders out there can benefit from a little fun. So go forward with confidence, this is one gift that will turn heads without costing too much cash.

Until next time!

P.S. Eggnog is disgusting, and we do not recommend it even when partnered with Cheerios.

Roger Rilling