More Color, Less Logos

Cycling has come a long way since Stoller started turning its pedals. Yet, cycling kit design has virtually remained the same: huge logos and limited style. Through the years we have created great looking kits for Stoller, but always leaned more towards the traditional logo saturated look that has become so prevalent. We want to try something different; we want more and you deserve more, so here we go!



We believe in the power of collaborating with others, especially when those "others" push us to do more. We are very pleased to see the growth of free-spirited clothing brands in the cycling industry and as such are collaborating with these companies to bring new kits to life. The "Breakaway" line allows us to introduce all of you to new clothing lines while applying the power of collaboration to make sure you get inspired garments, both in design and construction. As we will be partnering with various brands, the prices of this line will vary, but rest assured that we will always do everything possible to bring you the most value.

Kit Starter

Holding onto stock can be expensive, which usually results in higher prices for you. To keep prices under control, we are launching what we call "Kit Starter". Here is how it works: we will present a new design and then you have 30 days to get your pre-order in. We will even keep you posted as we approach new price breaks; you will be rewarded for ordering that extra training kit, or telling your riding partner about us. It is that simple: we create, you enjoy!

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