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No matter what your experience, goals or skill sets are on the bike, having a solid plan in place is paramount to riding at a higher level. But, what happens when you are not in a position to re-arrange your entire life for the pursuit of ultimate fitness? For most, this leads to burn-out, as highly rigid training programs go to war with the realities of life. As such, our curated training focuses on the entire picture: life and the bike! We carefully select the workouts, rides and suggested events that best suit your individual goals, along with your life schedule. 


Your personalized training plan is created for you in a simple to use web calendar powered by Training Peaks. Your training plan will take into account your experience level, lifestyle, and goals as it guides you to increased endurance, higher power output and increased enjoyment on the bike. You will receive data analysis on your cornerstone workouts and rides, plus you will be regularly monitored to keep your training zones just right. Plans are available in Power, HR or even perceived level of exertion.

In Detail

Curated training and event suggestions to fit your life

Fully customized training program

Open contact with coachEs

Data analysis

downloadable workouts 

Smart trainer compatible workouts

Group rides

Group Training




Customized Programs starting at $299 a month


Last summer an accident forced me to be off the bike for three months. Roger got me back in shape fast. In less than six months I was faster and stronger than before I crashed. Plus, I’ve met some amazing people through Stoller. Both on and off the bike.
— Jen K., Los Angeles, CA

When I started riding with Stoller about three and a half years ago, I had already been racing mountain bikes for ten years. There were certain aspects of my cycling that needed improvements, and I thought that if I just trained more intensely I would get faster. Needless to say that was not the case. I did not know what I was doing on my own and was getting nowhere. There were certain races that I wanted to do but never felt prepared enough to enter. When I met Roger I told him that I wanted to move up in class and compete in Leadville. I thought I was fit before but after training with Stoller for my specific needs I finally got fit. I entered Leadville and got my silver buckle. I always competed in the 24 hours of Moab with a 4 man team. After training with Stoller I competed as a cat 1 solo and did well. I would have never tried that before. At the beginning of each year I tell Roger my goals and he helps me get there. It’s hard work but well worth it.
— Bill T., Los Angeles, CA

Roger’s passion and expertise is contagious. I was new to riding when I took Roger on as my coach, and bringing up the back of the pack even though I was athletic. Within a few months I was finishing in the first part of the group and added two mph to my regular climbs. He has not only given me the tools to increase my threshold and strengthen my legs, he encourages you to have fun and not forget why you ride a bike in the first place.
— John R., Los Angeles, CA