Curate: to select items, events or experiences, from a large number of possibilities, for other people to enjoy;

using expert knowledge to condense an array of experiences for the enjoyment of others

 What We Do & How We Can Help

Stoller trains cycling enthusiasts of all levels, who love to ride and want to improve.

Our goal is simple: to create the best rides for you by tailoring your training to fit every aspect of your experience and life, while also keeping it fun and fresh.

We know that your life is busy, but we also know that you want to ride and continue to grow. We help you balance your professional life and cycling addiction with our

fully customizable training plan. Our training isn't just custom, it's also curated to your specific areas of strengths, as well as your areas of desired improvement.

We also offer pre-designed online training plans, carefully curated to the specific category level, for those interested in short-term training at this time.

 If you're finally ready to take your cycling to the next level, then it's time to start training with Stoller.

What is Curated Training?

We aren't your typical coaching company. We're not obsessed with yelling and we don't have a closet full of polo shirts. We also don't believe in a one-step approach to training:

We select, based on your experience, needs and desires, the best possible training options and events for you to participate in, so that you can grow as a rider and achieve your goals.

Whether it's a crit, century, metric century, gran fondo, etc., we curate your training experience so that you can get the most out of your riding.

We know that highly personalized training, along with carefully selected events, aids in your cycling success.

About Us

Stoller, born out of passion, became a company in the fall of 2004. It started with a simple ride among good friends and eventually turned into what it is today.

Stoller is passion: we all love the bike, love the culture and love what the sport adds to our lives. Simply put, we, as much as you, love the two wheeled machine and now we just want to ride.


Roger Rilling is the founder of Stoller. Born and raised in California, Roger started racing at the young age of 13. Turning pro at 20, Roger raced with teams such as Sierra Nevada,

Colavita Bola, Momentum Pro Cycling Track Team, amongst others. He competed in various World Cup races for track cycling; he raced on the road in Italy, competed in the U.S. Pro Championship

race and the San Francisco Grand Prix. He won the U.S. Championship Medal for Track Cycling; he was a multi-time State Championship winner,

as well as a National Championship medalist. 


Now, his 20 plus years of experience in road and track cycling is helping others explore, embrace and improve their riding.

At Stoller, we want to make you faster, stronger and more technically adept to deal with whatever comes your way, but we also want you to enjoy yourself more than you ever have before.

The coaching at Stoller ranges from casual to serious, but always remains customized to you, with an emphasis on enjoying your riding experience.

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Roger’s passion and expertise is contagious. I was new to riding when I took Roger on as my coach and bringing up the back of the pack even though I was athletic.
Within a few months of his program I was finishing in the first part of the group and added 2 mph to my regular climbs. He has not only given me the tools
to increase my threshold and strengthen my legs, he encourages you to have fun and not forget why you ride in the first place.
— John R., Los Angeles, CA