We Create Great Rides

There are two main pieces to every great ride: how you feel and how you look. We take care of both just for you!



We Curate Your Ride

We specialize in cycling designs that inspire you to get out and ride! From custom kits to the perfect paint layout for your new dream bike, we bring your cycling dreams to life. Do not waste your money on another uninspired design when you can have something that is made just for you or your team.



We Curate Your Training

We train riders who love to ride. Training can be a very weighty word at times, especially when the results of your efforts are not a paycheck; it can feel like being given homework when you are not even in school. Stoller's curated training puts your enjoyment on the bike ahead of everything else. We know how valuable the feeling of dancing on the pedals is, or making it into that decisive move, but we also understand that most people have a life outside of cycling, making our approach ideally suited to the cycling enthusiast. 

Our aim is clear: bring you more great rides with less effort, so that your love for cycling will continue as long as you like.




Our heart rate is pacing, and our muscles are tingling as we launch into our latest breakaway! Here is the first edition of our "Breakaway" kit line, a line dedicated to exploring new layouts while collaborating with inspiring clothing brands.

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News Worthy

For Paul Smith Lovers
February 2017

Being a stickler for consistency, most of the bikes featured on Cycle EXIF are profiled on their drive side, except for the prized occasion when it’s one of Rob English’s Project Right frames. This one’s especially valued, with paint inspired by Sir Paul Smith’s own special edition Land Rover Defender.


The New Blue
August 2017

Before custom paint jobs and fancy colorways, there were the days of the basic 3; black, red and blue. These three colors represented your big chance to individualize that new bike of yours.