Photography provided by Andre Stringer, Stoller & Steven Lau 

In 1979, a movie called "Breaking Away" introduced the world to an obsession called cycling; we aim to feed that obsession.

Sparked from passion, Stoller became a company in the fall of 2004. It all started with a simple ride amongst good friends and eventually turned into a coaching company and training club. At the root of Stoller is passion; we all love the bike, love the culture and love what the sport adds to our lives. 

The founder of Stoller is Roger Rilling. Roger once raced with the best road cyclists in the world in some of the largest races in the world, and now his 15 plus years of experience are helping others explore, embrace and enhance their cycling.  

Our Mission

Chances are you are a lot like us…You learned how to ride a bike at a young age and at some point along the way, you decided it was pretty cool. Chances are good that you also did all kinds of research on equipment, events, training, etc. Our mission is to provide you with a turnkey membership program geared towards providing you with expert coaching, group training and event support that rivals that of the Pro Tour Teams!

We have seen a few trends over the last decade of coaching. Most riders want more than just a training plan; riders want to be motivated, to ride with other people, to be involved in something bigger than a list of to do's on their bike. We have also noticed that even the most customized training plans simply will not work without the right support.

The solution is simple: provide riders with a customizable, solid training path they can follow throughout the year that is focused on building endurance and around key supported events; provide riders with group training rides to keep everyone on the right track and give riders consistent data analysis to track their weekly, monthly and yearly progress on the bike. To find out more about our customizable yearly training path for riders of all levels, click here.  Join us for the next ride!

I’ve made dramatic progress that I never would have been able to achieve on my own. And riding with the group is a blast!
— Brian Pass

What We Offer

  • We train road, track and mountain bike riders
  • A training plan that is customized to each rider's needs, while increasing endurance
  • Weekly group interval training; no more lonely pain club! Join the group and coaches for your interval sessions
  • Monthly supported endurance group rides
  • Stoller support at local cycling events
  • Training data analysis and guidance 
  • Group events and clinics
  • Miscellaneous group perks, including discounts, club clothing and equipment etc.

I’ve improved my shifting, climbing, descending and the overall handling of my bike. Stoller’s coaching has made a world of difference.
— Misti West