We want you to improve while having fun at the same time. Here is how we can achieve both.

We have seen a few trends over the last decade of coaching. Most riders want more than just a training plan; riders want to be motivated, to ride with other people, to be involved in something bigger than a list of to do's on their bike. We have also noticed that even the most customized training plans simply will not work without the right support.

The solution is simple: create a membership that includes a yearly path for riders to connect with, base the path around key supported events, create group training rides to keep everyone on the right track and customize the training along the way to fit the needs of each rider.

The result is a membership plan that motivates you, improves your performance, enhances your training enjoyment  and gives you plenty to smile about at a rate as low as $299 a month when purchased as an annual membership. 

Training from $299 a month

In Detail

  • Weekly interval training. No more lonely pain club, join the group and coaches for your intervals
  • Path based training customized to suite each rider
  • Weekly data review of primary workouts
  • Stoller Event support  at designated events plus select races and events through the season
  • Monthly training report detailing goals planned and goals achieved
  • Open contact with coach via email, messaging or phone