Endurance is the Key

No matter what your experience, goals or skill sets are on the bike, having a solid endurance foundation is the key to riding at a higher level. We have created a program of training based off of building a solid endurance foundation for riders of all levels, from beginner to advanced, and we call it "The Path". The Path is based off of 5 elements; personalized training schedules for each rider based on their level of experience, personalized weely and monthly feedback for each rider, group interval training rides, group endurance rides and supported group events.

Basing "The Path" around endurance allows for athletes of all abilities to enjoy the benefit of training with others, while focusing on their individual goals and events. The beauty of "The Path" is that since it is based on a cornerstone of cycling fitness, all athletes, regardless of their experience level, can jump into the program and benefit from the events and the training laid out within it. 

A. Personalized Schedules:

The first step on the path is setting up your personalized training plan. Your training plan will take into account your experience level and will guide you towards building your endurance, while also giving you the chance to achieve your desired goals. You will also receive twice weekly and monthly training data analysis and guidance.

B. Group Interval Training:

The next step on the path is the group interval training rides. This is your chance to refine your skills and build upon your strengths. Intervals will be done in a controlled style allowing for both new riders and advance riders to work with and learn from one another. As the season progresses, the intervals will change from skill and endurance based to focusing on more specific activities, such as increasing power and building your anaerobic threshold. The interval rides take place on Zwift allowing us the exciting opportunity to work and ride with riders from all over the World. 

C. Supported Endurance Ride:

The third step on the path are our endurance training rides. We'll jump on our bikes as a group and head out for a few hours of riding. Although we will be out as a group, each rider will get a chance to work on their individual needs with their coach, making this a perfect time to access progress and needs. This event is a lot of fun because we'll be out together and will have a support car to spoil us. 

D. Supported Events

These are events you can participate in which will be achievable by riders of all levels. Since endurance is the foundation of solid cycling form, the events we have chosen fall into the endurance realm. This also allows for a schedule of events that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the newest riders all the way up to the well seasoned racer.

All of this boils down to a more social style of training while enhancing personal feedback and coach interaction. Win-Win!

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