Endurance is the key

No matter what your experience, goals or skill sets are on the bike, having a solid endurance foundation is the key to riding at a higher level. We have created a program of training based off of building a solid endurance foundation for riders of all levels, from beginner to advanced, and we call it "The Path". The Path is based off of 5 elements; personalized training schedules for each rider based off of their level, personalized weely and monthly feedback for each rider, group interval training, group endurance rides and supported group events.  

Basing "The Path" around endurance allows for athletes of all abilities to enjoy the benefit of training with others, while focusing on their individual goals and events. The beauty of "The Path" is that since it is based off of a cornerstone of cycling fitness, all athletes, regardless of their experience level, can jump into the program and benefit from the events and the training laid out within it.