Unplug Your Training Uploads!

The days of plugging in your Garmin after every ride in order to get your files onto mystoller.com or Training Peaks is over. As long as you have a newer Generation Garmin, you are in luck! You can now automatically have your rides push to your Stoller account with one simple step (three steps if you do not have a Garmin Connect account). Here is what you will need to do:

Step # 1: Download the Garmin Connect App onto your smart phone

Step# 2: Connecting your Garmin to your Phone.This step has two mini steps rolled into one

a. Turn on Bluetooth connection on both your Garmin and on your phone. Once this is done you will have a direct link from your Garmin to your smart phone.

b. Connect your Garmin Connect App to your Garmin Connect account

Step #3: Follow this link to connect your Stoller/TP account with your Garmin Connect account:


You will now have a seamless uploading process and a very happy coach! If everything is running correctly, your Garmin will send your training information to your phone, your phone to your Garmin Connect account and your Garmin Connect account to your Stoller account. Wow, that is a lot of pushing info around that you will no longer have to worry about!

Happy Training!