The Sea Otter Classic and Gran Fondo

Photo by Michael Jay

So, what is the Sea Otter Classic? It just so happens to be one of the best cycling events in the U.S.! Not only has it been happening since 1991(and it sure doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon), its only been getting better and better each year. If you love your road bike and if you love your mountain bike, bring it up to Monterey, CA, for an awesome 4 day event filled with all sorts of activities to do and all things cycling to see and do; this event is great for the whole family. The main events are races and rides for road and mountain bikes. Everyone comes out to this event every year, from beginners to pros, and it’s an awesome weekend in a beautiful location. 

This year, the Stoller club will be heading up to Sea Otter to do the Gran Fondo. What’s a Gran Fondo, you ask? Well first, some history on the subject. Grand Fondos started in Italy and were group rides honoring cycling heavy hitters, such as Mario Pantani and Eddy Merckx. Riders would ride long, scenic routes, over famous roads and tough terrain. Entire towns would shut down for the celebration, spectators would be on the sides of the road cheering the riders on and the wine would just flow and flow. You’ve got to give it to the Italians, they do know how to have a good time! Here in the U.S., Gran Fondos are gaining a lot of popularity, with attendance numbers increasing every year. They follow the same prinipals as the Italian rides; you ride long, scenic routes, over tough terrain and ride at a good clip. Most Gran Fondos are at least 100 miles long, but shorter routes are available too. This year, there are two Gran Fondos at Sea Otter, one is 92 miles and the other is 45 miles. They both are scenic routes, but the 92 mile ride is over tougher terrain. Gran Fondos are great rides for beginning riders to advanced ones and you can’t beat riding along the beautiful Monterey coast. 

Do you want to ride a Gran Fondo? Do you want to be fit and ready to ride up to 100 miles? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Stoller will definitely get you ready for that event that you’ve been clamoring to do and you’ll be glad you signed up with us! Click here to sign up for more info on our training.  By the way, if you're interested in going, you can still register for this event. Click here to register.