Sea Otter Classic, Wrap Up

Photo of Paddy H. at the Zabala Vineyard in Monterey, CA. This was the 2nd rest stop.

We had a great experience at the Sea Otter Classic this year! Arriving Friday afternoon, the 11th, in Monterey, the Stoller team met up for an excellent dinner at 1833 in downtown Monterey that evening. If you have not been to this restaurant, you should try it. The food, ambiance and service was excellent. 

Saturday was the big day for the Stoller team, the day of the gran fondo. The 92 mile gran fondo was over tough terrain with 5500 ft of climbing. We had some great successes with our team members this weekend! Jennifer H. was named Queen of the Mountains for her excellent climbing during the gran fondo. Yay Jennifer! Recently, in March, she also placed 5th in the races at Castaic Lake. Now that’s the way to keep it up! 

Saturday was also an exciting day for Stoller support because we had a mechanical issue during the first 20 miles of the 92 mile gran fondo. Having a mechanical during an event is always exciting because the goal is to get everyone back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible. The support group resolved the issue quickly and the team was off without skipping a beat. As you can see below, we all worked together to get back on the road as fast as possible.

Stoller support at Sea Otter Classic gran fondo in Monterey, CA.

Stoller support at Sea Otter Classic gran fondo in Monterey, CA.

On Sunday, mountain bike races were held at the Sea Otter Classic and our team member Bill T. placed 9th in the Cat 2 MTB Cross Country race for his age group! Congrats Bill, good job! An avid mountain biker, Bill is a strong athlete and has many years of experience mountain biking, but coming in top ten was an awesome experience for him. Last week, on the 5th, Bill achieved another success with his 2nd place finish for his age group at Vision Quest in Orange County, CA. Vision Quest is an extremely technical mountain bike race course and it has an elevation gain of over 11,000 ft! Great work, Bill.

Yup, we’re really happy with the results from the Sea Otter Classic. Looking forward to doing it again next year.